Our Story

Founded in January 2020. The word “ZASYA” means excellent quality. ZASYA HANDICRAFTS is an export brand of Mahini Export Private Limited company. 


Our journey started just before the COVID19 pandemic lockdown. The idea behind starting this business is "ARTISANS". India has a huge potential of seven million-plus skilled artisans and has abundant natural resources. Indian has been known for Arts & Crafts for centuries. We have faced a lot of challenges in meeting our artisans, manufacturers, and financial issues but our passion and determination towards our process made us keep moving. Even though it was not easy to meet people physically, the pandemic was a blessing for us, by creating digital connections around the world. Every region of India has a unique handicraft which is recognized as a Geographical Indication tag. 

We have collaborated with more than 10k artisans across INDIA in various forms of arts & crafts to bring traditional handmade products to our global customers.

COVID19 pandemic had a major impact on Artisan's life as they were out of jobs due to disruption in domestic and import & export business. Most of the senior artisans have moved to industrial jobs for earning daily wages to survive their families for bread & butter.

Our aim is to encourage artisans to carry forward their traditional arts & crafts and promote their products in the global market and help them to sustain their livelihood by doing business and presenting authentic products to our customers to buy at a fair price.

                                                   "Every product you buy from here will certainly change the lives of artisans."




                                                          Maheshwar Kannegalla | Managing Director


He is an MBA Graduate with around 12 + years of professional experience in International Business Development.  Specialized in business skills like Secondary Research, Networking, Business Analysis, Business Development, etc. He has grown into a lower-middle-class family and experienced life’s ups and downs very closely. He loves to contribute to society in his own way.





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